Manufacturing workers urged to apply for scholarships under industry dev’t fund

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Applications are now open for scholarships of up to $10,000 under Manufacturing Skills Australia’s Industry Development Fund.

The support payments are intended for manufacturing workers or people working or studying at any level in Australian manufacturing that are passionate about innovation, according to an Ai Group announcement.

The initiative is encouraging and supporting people in sectors such as metal, engineering and boating; aerospace; process manufacturing, including chemicals, hydrocarbons, mineral products, plastics and rubber; and recreational vehicles.

Other eligible industries include textiles, clothing and footwear; competitive systems and practices (lean manufacturing) and environmental monitoring and sustainable operations.

Interested applicants can apply for between $1000 and $10,000 for individual skilling and development not supported by any other funding opportunity. 

Candidates must also submit a 60-second video as well as a brief essay detailing their history and career goals. 

Invitations to the second (and final) round will be extended to the most creative concepts, Manufacturing Skills Australia noted.

Once invited to the final round, applicants will have the opportunity to submit a complete application explaining their objectives, aims, past, present, and planned research, education, and Vocational Education and Training (VET).

The selection committee will also review the applications and present inspiring and significant solutions to help the applicants’ careers and the sector.

If the proposal is chosen, MSA will award a scholarship, and the offer and all terms must be accepted in writing. 

According to MSA, it will support qualified candidates and, if necessary, help them make connections with the industry.

For more information on the offering, you may visit this site.

Applications close on 1 July 2023.