Metro Performance Glass opens state-of-the art glass manufacturing plant in Auckland


Metro Performance Glass, New Zealand’s biggest value-added glass processor, has officially opened its new cutting-edge glass manufacturing plant in Auckland.

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The $21 million facility is designed to help improve the efficiency and productivity of the country’s construction and housing sectors and meet North Island housing demand at internationally-competitive prices.

Metroglass Chairman Sir John Goulter said the leading edge facility would benefit all New Zealand house buyers.

“New Zealand housing markets, particularly those in Christchurch and Auckland, are experiencing a boom due to a shortage of houses and construction industry bottlenecks that make it difficult to respond to the high levels of demand,” Mr Goulter said.

“High-quality building products, delivered at internationally-competitive prices, such as those produced at Metroglass’ new state-of-the-art-facility, represent an important step to relieve these pressures.”

Metroglass Chief Executive Nigel Rigby described the facility as “one of the most technically-advanced and efficient glass production plants in the world”, adding that it was completed on time and within budget thanks to an extremely dedicated Metroglass team and three year’s research, planning and development.

“Metroglass, majority owned by New Zealanders since its initial public offering and listing on the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges last year, has built this factory to meet the strong demand it expects from housing and construction markets over the next few years,” Mr Rigby said.

“The company now not only has a leading-edge facility capable of servicing the Upper North Island market, but we also have a cost position that suggests we can compete against imported products. In the context of New Zealand manufacturing, this is a rare and privileged position to occupy.”

The highly-automated, energy efficient-plant is expected to double the company’s production capacity to manufacture the highest specification glass while maintaining the highest environmental standards.

“Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability is integral to the design of the plant. High efficiency LED lighting with zoned switching reduces energy consumption. Smart floor-to-ceiling ‘Low Emissivity’ insulated glass panels, manufactured by Metroglass, let in plenty of light to office spaces, reducing heat loss in the winter and overheating in summer, ensuring staff comfort all year round,” the company said in a statement.

“All water used for glass processing and edge working is recycled. Meanwhile, rain water is harvested from the facility’s 15000sqm roof and stored in tanks onsite, supplying approximately half of Metroglass’ annual water needs. Meanwhile, Metroglass has continued to recycle glass at the facility in line with its commitment to reduce waste and minimise landfill.”

Mr Rigby said equipment selection, plant layout, minimisation of manual handling and industry best practice were taken into account when commissioning this facility.

“Following completion of the plant, Metroglass is now very well positioned to meet the changing architectural demands of the New Zealand construction and building industry and compete with global players,” Mr Rigby concluded.