New tooling system provides speed and accuracy

Pictured (PSC Polygon Shank Coupling): The polygon shank coupling (PSC) is a spindle interface which promotes higher productivity. Image Provided
Media Release

Dormer Pramet has launched a high precision, quick-change tooling system for a variety of internal and external turning applications.

Ideal for use on multi-task machines, the polygon shank coupling (PSC) is a spindle interface which promotes higher productivity through reduced set-up time and faster, more precise machining.

It achieves this with a unique tapered polygon cone shank and flange surface, which supports a high degree of rigidity. With an accuracy in X, Y, Z directions of +/-2 ?m, the PSC holders provide a high level of repeatability.

In addition, a reduced overhang length minimizes vibration and runout inaccuracy for a high-quality surface finish, making it ideal for aerospace and general machining applications.

Connected by a triangular conical structure and cross section, which uses 1/20 taper, the PSC features internal coolant channels and a steel toolholder for high toughness.

More than 130 different items are available, including a variety of tool holder styles, internal tools, interface types and shank sizes.

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Image Provided