NZ welcomes inaugural green hydrogen express refuelling hub supported by Coregas

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Australian-owned manufacturer Coregas announced its collaboration with Halcyon for the launch of New Zealand’s inaugural green hydrogen fast refuelling station at Wiri, South Auckland.

Situated at Coregas NZ’s Manukau site, the heavy vehicle hydrogen refuelling station, officially inaugurated on Monday, 22 April, marks an addition to a nationwide network of supply locations spearheaded by Halcyon and other pioneers in hydrogen technology.

Halcyon, a partnership between Tuaropaki Trust and Obayashi Corporation, unveiled New Zealand’s premier green hydrogen production facility at the Mokai geothermal power plant northwest of Taupo in 2021.

This facility can generate 180 tonnes of green hydrogen annually using electricity sourced from Tuaropaki Power Company, ensuring low-carbon credentials.

Identifying the need for hydrogen refuellers along main trucking routes, Tuaropaki Trust and Obayashi strategically positioned the refueller in Manukau.

In addition to hosting the refueller, Coregas NZ’s extensive manufacturing and supply expertise proved crucial in meeting the project’s technical and compliance demands.

Leveraging insights and experience from Australia’s recent launch of H2Station, the country’s first hydrogen refuelling station for heavy vehicles, Coregas NZ effectively addressed Halcyon’s requirements.

Peter Neate, general manager at Coregas NZ, remarked, “Taking charge of Halcyon’s express refueller enables us to provide our expertise in managing H2 distribution while supporting the transport evolution for New Zealand.”

“The transport and trucking sector in New Zealand remains a largely untapped opportunity for hydrogen-fuelled heavy vehicles, which deliver a lighter, longer-distance solution combined with fast refuelling and high payload capability,” he added.

Neate further emphasised Coregas NZ’s substantial investments in hydrogen distribution and storage assets, underlining the importance of establishing an infrastructure-supported supply chain to enhance hydrogen’s appeal to the industry.

As part of this commitment, Coregas NZ has named its first Toyota Marai vehicle “H2Motuka,” signalling the company’s transition towards embracing green fuel alternatives across its fleet.