PFG unveils cutting-edge, high-tech boat tailored to the needs of RAN


Tasmanian advanced manufacturing company PFG has unveiled a new high-speed, high-tech military and law enforcement boat at the Indo-Pacific International Maritime Exposition in Sydney.

The construction of this next-gen Sentinel has been supported by the Tasmanian State Government, which committed $600,000 in the form of a three-year no-interest loan to PFG Group.

Madeleine Ogilvie, Minister for Advanced Manufacturing and Defence Industries, said the latest in the Sentinel range brings enhanced capability, speed and safety to the table, securing PFG’s position as an innovative defence industry manufacturer.

“An example of Tasmanian innovation and craftsmanship, the new generation Sentinels mark just one more step in the significant rise in Tasmania’s reputation for providing bespoke, fit-for-purpose solutions to defence hardware needs,” the Minister said in a media statement.

“Manufacturing in Tasmania has been revitalised in recent years, and the Tasmanian Liberal Government has a clear plan to boost and support the industry to be world leaders of cutting-edge advanced manufacturing.”

The Sentinel was designed and tested in the inhospitable waters around Tasmania to meet the needs of the Royal Australian Navy and the New Zealand Navy. However, it can also be adapted to fit the objectives of any military or security operation.

The latest Sentinel, the 1100 model, is expected to be a front-runner in the Australian Defence Force’s next tactical watercraft tender, and has already piqued the interest of defense customers all around the world.

“With a lifespan of up to four times that of traditional high-speed response vessels, the Sentinel’s durability derived from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction provides extra strength and positive buoyancy, will not corrode, and can offer enhanced ballistics protection,” the Minister concluded.

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