Q-CTRL, Quad Investors Network join forces for Quantum workforce diversity in Australia and the US

Image credit: peshkova/stock.adobe.com

Q-CTRL, a global leader in the development of practical quantum technologies through quantum control infrastructure software, has officially announced its partnership with the Quad Investors Network (QUIN) to provide top-tier quantum technology training, aimed at cultivating diverse quantum workforces in both Australia and the United States.

This announcement coincided with the visit of Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to the White House during his US trip, with Q-CTRL’s CEO, Professor Michael J Biercuk, in attendance, as revealed in a press release.

Under the agreement, fully subsidised licenses for Q-CTRL’s Black Opal quantum educational technology software will be extended to students pursuing education in Technical and Further Education (TAFE) vocational training institutions in Australia and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the US.

The implementation of this program is scheduled to commence in 2024, with intentions to expand its reach to other Quad member countries in collaboration with local partners. In an effort to support this initiative, the IBM-HBCU Quantum Center will facilitate access to Q-CTRL’s Black Opal software for its member institutions.

Karl Metha, Chairman of QUIN, emphasised the importance of inclusive workforce development in quantum technologies.

“Q-CTRL’s Black Opal quantum educational technology tool exemplifies the quantum technology industry’s commitment, in partnership with the Quad Investor Network, to nurturing the workforce of the future,” Metha noted.

According to Australia’s Chief Scientist Cathy Foley, “This partnership is a great example of leadership from the private sector. Improving quantum literacy and investment will ensure we accelerate quantum technologies and make the most of this new era. This is just what the Quad Investor Network was designed to do.”

Asif Bhatti, executive director of QUIN, expressed enthusiasm about Q-CTRL’s cross-border workforce development initiative across Quad countries.

“We strongly support the program’s focus on enabling access to a broad range of students through collaboration with HBCUs and TAFEs,” Bhatti remarked.

Q-CTRL founder and CEO Prof Michael Biercuk underscored the necessity for employees with a wide range of backgrounds, including machining, coding, business, and politics, to support the quantum sector’s growth.

“As a flexible tool crafted specifically for learners seeking to enter the field from adjacent areas, we’re excited to help remove barriers from the realisation of a truly diverse quantum workforce through broadened access to Black Opal,” he concluded.