Rio Tinto and Shougang Group to explore steel decarbonisation tech

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Mining giant Rio Tinto has signed a memorandum of understanding with Shougang Group, a Chinese company and one of the world’s leading steel producers, to develop and promote low-carbon solutions designed for the steel value chain. 

The agreement will focus on low-carbon sintering technology, blast furnace, basic oxygen furnace optimisation, and carbon capture utilisation. 

The latest partnership with Shougang is part of Rio Tinto’s strategic commitment to partner with customers on steel decarbonisation pathways and double down investments in technologies that could deliver reductions in steelmaking carbon intensity. 

Initial efforts will also prioritise the development of BF slag heat recovery, BOF slag utilisation, CCU and low-carbon sintering technology.

As part of the deal, the two companies will integrate their respective expertise in research and development, technologies, processes, equipment, logistics, and industry coordination to support their shared objectives of reducing carbon emissions and lessening the impacts of climate change. 

“At Rio Tinto, we want to play a strong role as an industry partner to support the decarbonisation of steel. We are delighted to be able to extend our partnership with Shougang to jointly work towards our shared vision of a ‘greener’ steel value chain,” said Alf Barrios, chief commercial officer of the mining company. 

“The cooperation between Shougang Group and Rio Tinto Group to develop low-carbon generic technologies for the steel sector and explore decarbonization solutions is a positive move for both sides to cooperate and promote low-carbon technology innovation,” said Wang Jianwei, vice president of Shougang Group.