Sharrow Engineering, VEEM ink exclusive worldwide pact for inboard propellers

Image credit: Sharrow Marine

Sharrow Marine, a subsidiary of Sharrow Engineering, has inked an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with VEEM Ltd, an Australian marine propulsion and stabilisation systems manufacturer. 

This agreement grants VEEM the exclusive global rights to manufacture and commercialise Sharrow Propellers for inboard propellers up to five meters in diameter, Sharrow Marine said in a press release. 

Together, both parties plan to produce a series of SHARROW by VEEM propellers that promise to be quieter and more fuel-efficient than any inboard propellers currently available.

By combining Sharrow’s revolutionary propeller technology with VEEM’s manufacturing expertise, the SHARROW by VEEM propellers will initially target superyacht and commercial vessels in the 30 to 90-foot (10 to 30-meter) range. These propellers are expected to offer substantial fuel savings, reduced noise and vibration, improved handling, and decreased tip vortices and cavitation.

According to Greg Sharrow, the founder and CEO of Sharrow Engineering, bringing Sharrow Propellers to the inboard market has been a strategic priority for some time, and VEEM is an ideal partner to achieve this goal rapidly, at scale, and with a commitment to maintaining high manufacturing standards.

“The SHARROW by VEEM propellers will provide a superior experience for larger yachts and commercial vessels, representing a true leap ahead of traditional marine propeller design,” the CEO stated.

Meanwhile, Brad Miocevich, chairman of VEEM Ltd, highlighted his commitment to advancing marine technology

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey together to set a new standard for performance and sustainability. We believe this will be nothing less than transformative for the inboard market,” Miocevich noted. 

These propellers will become available for purchase through 2024, and customers can order them directly through the SHARROW by VEEM website or an expanding network of agents worldwide.