Singaporean advanced manufacturer SunGreenH2 establishes new Victorian facility

Image credit: SunGreenH2

Singaporean energy startup SunGreenH2 has opened a new research and development (R&D) and manufacturing facility in Clayton, creating more than 30 high-skilled jobs in Victoria and enhancing the state’s renewable energy sector. 

Minister for Trade and Investment Tim Pallas announced the launch of the new facility today, which comes after a visit to Singapore in January. 

SunGreenH2 develops high-performance hardware and complementary technology designed to deliver on-site green hydrogen production for industry, transport, energy storage, and power-to-X applications. 

The company decided to expand its operations to Victoria for the state’s strong capabilities in R&D and a renowned talent pool of advanced manufacturing talent, the Victorian government said in a media release. 

“We’re making sure startups know Victoria is the best place to grow and take the next step on their journey, regardless of their origin,” said Minister for Trade and Investment Tim Pallas. 

“Our skilled workforce and innovation focus draws the brightest minds from around the world, and that grows local jobs and our tech expertise,” Pallas said. 

As an advanced manufacturer of clean energy technology, SungreenH2 is continually innovating its products through R&D to create efficiencies and solve problems. 

The company adds to the growing list of companies choosing to invest in Victoria as the state seeks to attract cutting-edge international companies and enhance startup and renewable energy sectors in the region. 

“Melbourne positions us to hire top talent and tap into the manufacturing ecosystem in Victoria and we are looking forward to successfully growing our investment as the market for renewable hydrogen expands in the future,” said Tulika Raj, co-founder and CEO of SunGreenH2. 

Victoria has a record of attracting investors from Singapore and recently welcomed several investments from Singapore, including those from Seventh Sense, Divigas, NCS, and Oncoshot. 

“Victoria has set world-leading emission reductions targets and investment in industries like renewable hydrogen will be key to reaching net zero by 2045 and creating thousands of renewable energy jobs,” said Minister for Energy and Resource Lily D’Ambrosio