Sparc gains regulatory nod for ecosparc commercial trial launch

Image credit: Sparc Technologies Limited

Sparc Technologies Limited has received Commercial Evaluation Authorisation (CEA) from the Australian Industrial Chemicals Introduction Scheme (AICIS) for its ecosparc product.

This development marks a pivotal step in Sparc’s efforts to transition ecosparc from laboratory trials to full-scale commercial sales, the company said in an ASX announcement.

This achievement follows the recent completion of a fully independent lifecycle assessment (LCA) and further evidence demonstrating ecosparc’s effectiveness in cracking and corrosion mitigation.

The CEA enables Sparc Technologies to ramp up the production of ecosparc graphene on a larger scale, paving the way for targeted trials on steel infrastructure assets across Australia.

Moreover, it allows the company to explore and demonstrate the product’s effectiveness in real-world applications.

Sparc Technologies has also initiated the regulatory approval process for ecosparc in both European and North American markets, broadening its global reach and potential impact.

Dr Denis Wright, general manager of Graphene Materials at Sparc Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm for the development, stating that it marks an exciting advancement for the company.

He said, “This is an exciting progression in the business, which will see the realization of ecosparc being used in protective coatings in real-world trials relevant to our target markets.”

“The cost savings and positive environmental outcomes for our customers will be substantial,” Wright added.

Stephen Hunt, the executive chairman of Sparc Technologies, expressed his delight at the news, stating that they are thrilled to announce the comprehensive and unequivocal regulatory approval of ecosparc by AICIS.

“This milestone allows Sparc to progress into the next stage of its commercial growth, where we can concentrate on the development, marketing, production and sales of ecosparc,” Hunt noted.

The company is now actively engaged in discussions with several significant industrial asset owners, exploring the use of ecosparc in protective coatings, with the aim of enhancing crack resistance and corrosion mitigation.