STEM Returners, BAE to offer new options in defence industry

Image credit: STEM Returners

STEM Returners Australia and BAE Systems Australia are teaming up once more to assist STEM-educated people in resuming their professional careers.

As part of the initiative, BAE Systems will use STEM Returners’ established returner program to recruit specialists at sites in South Australia and Victoria, as announced in a news release.

A total of 10 options are accessible across various Engineering and Information Management and Technology roles including Electrical, Mechanical, Production, Support Engineering (including Integrated Logistic Support), Systems Engineering, Cyber Security, Data Analysts and Solution Architecture. 

STEM Returners will identify applicants for the program, which will function as a ‘returnship,’ allowing people to be re-integrated into an inclusive atmosphere upon their return to STEM jobs.

Marcail Roe, director of STEM Returners Australia, explained that people who have taken a career hiatus face an uphill battle when seeking to return.

Although it is commonly believed that taking a professional break causes skills to deteriorate, in many situations, Roe stated that these people have stayed current with their sector and are able to rapidly brush up on their knowledge when they re-enter the workforce.

Because of this, she stated that she was pleased to continue working closely with BAE Systems to support engineers’ return to STEM fields.

“Only by partnering with companies like BAE Systems can we make the necessary changes to the recruitment process that will assist those who are struggling to return to industry and fill the skills gap,” Roe remarked.

Meanwhile, Angela Wiggins, chief people officer at BAE Systems Australia, said the company has worked to develop new partnerships and novel solutions to address the skills and resources challenge. 

“We have been a long-time supporter of STEM Returners and we’re excited to see the positive results the program has delivered since the first trial in 2021,” noted Wiggins. 

She continued,  “We know there is a large, untapped pool of engineering talent in Australia, and because these skilled professionals have had career breaks, they are finding it hard to get back into the careers they love. We are delighted that we can open a door to them and, in doing so, allow them to get their engineering careers back on track with us.” 

For more information on the current STEM Returner opportunities with BAE Systems Australia, visit this site