SYSPRO launches latest ERP update for manufacturers and distributors

Image credit: SYSPRO

Global ERP software provider SYSPRO has unveiled SYSPRO 8 2023, the latest release of its enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform with over two dozen new capabilities and features, aimed at empowering manufacturers and distributors across various industries.

In a press release, the company revealed the upgrades encompass advanced quality control, seamless automation, enhanced warehouse functionalities, improved security, connectivity, and even more predictive capabilities through SYSPRO Embedded Analytics.

Key highlights of SYSPRO 8 2023 include quality management, enabling businesses to set and enforce quality control standards, minimise variability, and enhance customer satisfaction by facilitating swift and effective quality inspections at each stage of the supply chain.

The new offering has an AP Invoice Automation that streamlines the processing of supplier invoices, resulting in faster and more accurate invoice processing while reducing costs.

Part of the SYSPRO Embedded Analytics suite, this feature facilitates seamless connections to the cloud and other data sources, consolidating data for comprehensive analysis and accommodating growing data volumes.

Moreover, the product catalogue capability enables businesses to create comprehensive product catalogues with associated pricing and promotions, driving revenue growth and higher customer satisfaction.

A feature that simplifies staging and packing of sales orders has been added, streamlining order fulfilment, improving accuracy, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, users can now log in to SYSPRO using their existing Microsoft, Google, or LinkedIn accounts, streamlining the login process and enhancing user convenience.

Paulo de Matos, chief product officer at SYSPRO, emphasised the importance of responding to evolving manufacturing priorities and changing consumer behaviours. 

“These emerging challenges have necessitated an unrelenting commitment to elevating systems and processes to new heights of efficiency, quality, and automation,” he stated. 

“With the launch of SYSPRO 8 2023, we are dedicated to equipping mid-market manufacturers and distributors with the tools and capabilities required to navigate these turbulent waters effectively,” the official noted.