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From design to perfection: Streamlining additive manufacturing through advanced post-processing techniques

Additive manufacturing (AM) has witnessed an exponential surge in recent years. The process's ability to manufacture complex geometries, customised parts, and intricate designs is unparalleled.

Sauber Technologies invests in AM Solutions’ S1 shot blast machines

3D post-processing technology provider AM Solutions announced that Sauber Technologies, a company known for its 3D print solutions for Formula 1 racing cars and other industries, is using its shot blast system for the manufacture of the HiPAC components of the latter's vehicles. 

Sauber Technologies continues pursuing technological innovation as it extends partnership with AM Solutions

Media Release by AM Solutions Sauber Technologies has extended its technology partnership with AM Solutions – 3D post-processing technology, a brand of the Rösler Group,...

The case for mass finishing for mass AM parts and components

Post-processing is a hot topic in the area of additive manufacturing (AM), which is unsurprising as in many applications, the post-processing step(s) can account for upwards of 50% of the total unit cost for an AM part. So the drive is on to reduce the time and cost of the post-processing step in product development, while simultaneously keeping an eagle eye on the unswerving need for precision and repeatability in production.

AM Post-Processing Enhances Performance And Aesthetics For Drone Manufacturer

Media Relase by heliguy Commercial drone innovator heliguyTM has recently worked with leading AM post-processing solution provider (AM Solutions) to optimise parts for various of...

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