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ELO2 Consortium unveils Australian-made lunar rover for NASA Artemis mission

Adelaide will be the stage for the unveiling of the pioneering ELO2 Consortium's lunar rover prototype, showcasing Australia's potential to contribute to future NASA Artemis missions to the Moon.

Moon to Mars program funds dev’t of Australian aerospace GNSS receiver

The Australian Space Agency has allocated funding under its Moon to Mars Supply Chain Capability Improvement Grants program to support the development of an Australian aerospace-grade Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver.

ELO2 and reveal designs for Australia’s first lunar excavator

Australian freelancing marketplace and space consortium ELO2 announced the phase one winners of the ELO2 Big Dipper Lunar Regolith Acquisition Challenge.

Fleet Space partners with Firefly Aerospace for lunar seismic payload delivery

Australian space exploration company Fleet Space Technologies has unveiled plans to send its innovative seismic technology to the Moon's surface as part of Firefly Aerospace's upcoming lunar mission.

Conflux joins forces with Rocket Factory Augsburg for 3D-printed aerospace heat exchangers

Australian 3D-printed heat exchanger manufacturer Conflux Technology is partnering with Rocket Factory Augsburg to develop aerospace heat exchangers as part of the Australian Space Agency’s Moon to Mars Initiative.

Space manufacturing exploration to bring UK and Australian companies together

A group of 25 space companies comprising 40 delegates from the United Kingdom have landed in Adelaide on a mission to explore why more global businesses are investing in South Australia’s cutting-edge space ecosystem.

Brisbane startup Valiant Space to launch Australian-made components into space

Valiant Space is sending Australian-made components into orbit onboard a SpaceX aircraft from the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral. 

Construction begins on new deep-space antenna in remote WA

Construction has commenced on a new deep-space antenna in remote Western Australia as part of a multi-million dollar collaboration between the Australian Space Agency...

NASA to launch rockets from the Arnhem Space Centre in NT

The Australian Government has signed off on a historic moment for the local space sector, sanctioning the launch of a series of NASA rockets...

Valiant Space wins $750,000 Supply Chain Grant

The Australian Space Agency has awarded Valiant Space a $750,000 grant as part of the Australian Government's Moon to Mars Initiative. The Supply Chain project,...

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