Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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New amendments offer cost-of-living certainty for manufactured home residents in Qld

Thousands of Queenslanders living in manufactured homes can now expect fairer and more predictable site rent increases following the government’s recent legislative reforms.

Queensland introduces new Clean Economy Jobs Bill

The Climate Council has welcomed the introduction of Queensland's Clean Economy Jobs Bill 2024, which lays out ambitious strategies to accelerate the shift towards renewable energy sources and simultaneously reduce pollution levels.

NSW’s emission reduction targets set in stone with new climate bill

The New South Wales (NSW) government has introduced the Climate Change (Net Zero Future) Bill 2023, aiming to enshrine legal emissions reduction objectives and establish an independent Net Zero Commission.

New legislation to boost South Australia’s hydrogen and renewable energy initiatives

South Australia has taken a step towards consolidating its leadership in renewable energy and hydrogen sectors with the introduction of the Hydrogen and Renewable Energy Bill. 

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