Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Report reveals Australian green hydrogen’s potential to cut global carbon emissions, generate billions

Australia is poised to play a key role in reducing global carbon emissions and reaping billions in export revenue through the utilisation of green hydrogen for the manufacture of green steel, ammonia, cement, eFuels, and mining explosives, according to a report from global consultancy firm Partners in Performance.

Partners in Performance: transitioning commercial fleets to EV crucial to national uptake

Renewable energy transformation consultancy Partners in Performance highlighted the importance of transitioning commercial fleets to electric vehicles in the Labor government’s National Electric Vehicle Strategy. 

Connecting the dots: Why $55 billion doesn’t need to be spent on ‘poles and...

Contrary to widespread claims that Australia needs to invest AUD$55 billion in improving its electrical grid ahead of an increased electric vehicle (EV) uptake, leading energy transformation consultants say the capital is needed but the required infrastructure is already here. 

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