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Australian gov’t announces major boost to renewable energy in Victoria and Tasmania

The Australian Government has revealed plans to allocate a substantial portion of Australia's largest-ever tender for renewable energy to bolster sources in Victoria and Tasmania. 

Australia’s largest renewable energy tender unveiled

The Australian Government today revealed the largest single tender for renewable energy in the country’s history, with the first auction under the banner of Reliable Renewables Plan set for late May.

Weld Australia advocates for stronger measures to boost local manufacturing in renewable energy

The Australian Government's Capacity Investment Scheme aims to enhance local participation in renewable energy, but concerns over unclear criteria raise doubts about its effectiveness in stimulating domestic manufacturing and job creation, Weld Australia said in a news release.

Weld Australia pushes for prioritising local content in renewable energy transition

Weld Australia is urging federal and state governments to establish local content procurement policies requiring 60 per cent of all fabricated steel used in renewable energy projects to be manufactured locally by Australian welders.

Climate Council urges NSW to boost renewable energy and storage as closing of Eraring...

The New South Wales Government should devote all of its resources to increasing renewable energy and storage so that the state can power through the shutdown of Eraring Power Station, Australia's largest coal-fired power station.

Capacity Investment Scheme to power NSW energy

The federal and state governments of New South Wales are working together to enhance energy security and reliability across the state by implementing the Capacity Investment Scheme (CIS), a national framework for increasing new dispatchable renewable capacity. 

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