Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Weld Australia urges government clarity on wind tower manufacturing

In a pressing call to action, Weld Australia has urged the Australian Government to address the looming question: “Will wind and transmission towers be manufactured locally in Australia, or offshored to China—again?”

Weld Australia advocates for stronger measures to boost local manufacturing in renewable energy

The Australian Government's Capacity Investment Scheme aims to enhance local participation in renewable energy, but concerns over unclear criteria raise doubts about its effectiveness in stimulating domestic manufacturing and job creation, Weld Australia said in a news release.

Weld Australia rolls out free online safety courses

Weld Australia has launched two free online welder safety training courses designed to serve welders, welding engineers and supervisors, to enhance safety practices across the welding industry.

Indigenous Welding Schools could help close Australia’s skills gap – Weld Australia

Weld Australia has called for federal funding to establish a national network of Indigenous Welding Schools to unlock more skilled jobs for Indigenous Australians. 

Weld Australia pushes for prioritising local content in renewable energy transition

Weld Australia is urging federal and state governments to establish local content procurement policies requiring 60 per cent of all fabricated steel used in renewable energy projects to be manufactured locally by Australian welders.

Weld Australia’s MEM Training Packaging Resources suite wins Endeavour Award

Weld Australia has clinched the Excellence and Manufacturing Skills Development Award at the 2023 Endeavour Awards for its MEM Training Packaging Resources. 

Weld Australia: New national policy needed to boost renewable energy manufacturing

Industry representative Weld Australia has called for the establishment of a national policy framework that will guarantee a strong pipeline of work to attract investments in building a sovereign renewable energy manufacturing capability. 

SA’s welding champions honoured at Weld Australia’s 2023 Excellence Awards

Weld Australia has unveiled the recipients of the 2023 South Australia Welding Excellence Awards, which serve as a platform to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding contributions made by local welders, fabricators, and industry educators within the field.

Weld Australia unveils winners of NSW Welding Excellence Awards

Weld Australia has unveiled the winners of the 2023 New South Wales and ACT Welding Excellence Awards at Waterview in Sydney. 

Weld Australia calls out Federal gov’t for ‘sacrificing’ manufacturing for wine

Industry representative Weld Australia has denounced a new recommendation from the Anti-Dumping Commission for tariffs on Chinese wind towers to expire on 16 April 2024— calling it a move that appears to be sacrificing wind towers for wine. 

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