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Eviosys introduces new solution to enable brands adopt mono-material packaging

Eviosys, a global supplier of metal packaging, has unveiled its groundbreaking metal closure technology, 'Horizon,' during London Packaging Week 2023. 

Horizon Microtechnologies develops template-based 3D microfabrication tech

Microfabrication start-up Horizon Microtechnologies has developed a template-based 3D microfabrication technology that adds functionality to plastic micro-AM parts, and is finding use in microelectrical-mechanical systems (MEMS) packaging.

Horizon Microtechnologies’ tech mitigates risks of electrostatic discharge in 3D printing

Microfabrication start-up Horizon Microtechnologies said that its in-house technology for template-based 3D microfabrication is positioned to help in the elimination of electro-static discharge (ESD) in applications that would benefit from 3D printing by combining precision polymer micro-AM and ESD compliance.

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