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Uniseed venture fund expands with top universities joining forces

Uniseed, Australia’s pioneering venture fund, has taken a significant move forward in advancing Australian innovation with the announcement of an expansive collaboration with leading universities.

Macquarie researchers use ethanol to revolutionise nanosensor manufacturing

Macquarie University engineers have developed a new technique that uses ethanol to make the production of nanosensors more sustainable, cheaper, and more efficient. 

Macquarie University helps develop world’s fastest optical fibre

Researchers from Macquarie University have taken part in the development of a high-speed optical fibre that carries the equivalent of more than 10 million fast home internet connections running at full capacity. 

Sydney Quantum Academy welcomes Australia’s first National Quantum Strategy

The Sydney Quantum Academy, a partnership between four Sydney universities, has welcomed Australia’s first National Quantum Strategy launched on May 3 by Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic and Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Cathy Foley.

Macquarie University engineers develop technology to boost solar panel recycling

A team of engineers from Macquarie University have developed a new microwave technology that would improve the fabrication of solar panel cells, making them easier to recycle. 

University of Sydney announces new quantum computing foundry

The University of Sydney is investing $7.4 million to establish the Future Qubit Foundry at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub, cementing Sydney’s position at the forefront of quantum collaborations with industry and government. 

Macquarie University to house $96m RNA research, manufacturing hub

The New South Wales Government announced that Macquarie University will be home to what it claims as Australia's first-ever $96 million RNA research and pilot manufacturing plant, which will be run by Myeloid Therapeutics.

Gilmour Space, Macquarie University to launch new sovereign space tech in 2023

Gilmour Space Technologies has ventured into a partnership with Macquarie University’s Australian Astronomical Optics to develop a new sovereign space technology that will launch in 2023. 

CUAVA wins State Government funding for NSW Space Qualification program

The NSW Government has selected the Australian Research Council Training Centre for CubeSats, UAVs, and their Applications (CUAVA) to lead a space qualification mission...

Ensuring Sydney’s place as a global hub for quantum

Media Release Sydney Quantum Academy is working to create thousands of well-paid, high-tech jobs building on the city's quantum strengths. At an online forum officially launching...

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