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Diraq revolutionises quantum computing with breakthrough discovery in operating processors

Engineers at Diraq, an Australian startup specialising in quantum processor development, have achieved a significant milestone in quantum computing by enabling quantum processors to function at temperatures much warmer than previously thought feasible.

La Trobe rolls out AlleSense to commercialise medical imaging tech

La Trobe University has launched its first major spin-out company, AlleSense, to support the commercialisation of technology that is anticipated to revolutionise medical imaging. 

3D-printed tumour model paves way for faster, affordable, and less invasive cancer care

An international research team from the University of Waterloo has developed an innovative method that combines advanced bioprinting technologies with synthetic structures, such as microfluidic chips, to enhance 3D modelling of complex cancers.

Engineers develop new integration route for tiny transistors

Media Release by University of New South Wales The transparent and flexible material could pave the way for emerging 2D electronic applications. Researchers from UNSW Sydney have developed...

Aussie researchers develop tool to track countries’ resource footprints

Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney, Vienna University, and the United Nations Environment Programme...

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