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Qld’s manufacturing program unveils first locally built rail replacement bus

The initial batch of 200 rail substitute buses has been completed as part of the Queensland Government's investment surpassing $130 million, bolstering the state’s public transportation and local manufacturing.

NSW launches Future Fleet Program bolstering rail manufacturing

The NSW Government has pledged to kick off the procurement process for replacements of the Tangara fleet of suburban passenger trains by March 2027, with a focus on achieving a 50 per cent domestic manufacturing rate within the contract.

Qld advances local manufacturing with 200 rail replacement buses

The Queensland Government announced the preferred manufacturers for the construction of 200 rail replacement buses, aiming to strengthen the local manufacturing sector in the region.

Australia rolls out National Rail Procurement and Manufacturing Strategy

The Department of Industry, Science, and Resources has launched the National Rail Procurement and Manufacturing Strategy, outlining initiatives that will help the nation achieve a more sustainable and globally competitive rail manufacturing sector. 

NSW, Federal Gov’t launch national approach to revive local rail manufacturing industry

The New South Wales government said it is manufacturing the next fleet of Tangara trains locally, paving the way for the creation of new jobs and a more reliable rail network. 

Federal gov’t unveils Rail Industry Innovation Council’s chair, members

The Australian Government has established a new Rail Industry Innovation Council to streamline practices that will drive growth in the industry. 

WA boosts railcar manufacturing with first fully completed C-series train

The Western Australian Government announced that the first fully built, locally manufactured C-series train is now available for testing on the network, marking a significant milestone for local railcar manufacturing in the state. 

Gov’ts, rail industry ink agreement to improve rail network across Australia

The Australian and Victorian Governments, as well as the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) on behalf of senior rail industry leaders, have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to enhance the interoperability of the rail network in the country.

Queensland’s rail revolution on track

Media Release by Queensland Goverment In 2022, the Palaszczuk Government’s rail revolution is on track, with this year’s budget delivering a $3.5 billion pipeline of...

Qld Government announces $30m boost for regional manufacturing

The Palaszczuk Government will establish manufacturing hubs in Cairns, Townsville and Rockhampton as part of its $30 million election commitment to assist regional Queensland’s manufacturers...

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