Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Nano-spiked silicon surface destroys 96% of virus particles, says researchers

A team of researchers, headed by RMIT University, has created and manufactured a surface with virus-killing capabilities, offering the potential for mitigating disease transmission in hospitals, labs, and similar high-risk settings.

Victoria’s textile, clothing & footwear manufacturing sector valued nearly at $1B, says report

In a collaboration between the Australian Fashion Council (AFC) and Epson Australia, research conducted by RMIT has shed light on the true economic worth of Victoria’s textile, clothing, and footwear (TCF) manufacturing sector.

RMIT unveils 3D-printed titanium metamaterial that shows supernatural strength

RMIT University researchers have crafted a new metamaterial from common titanium alloy using 3D printing, showcasing unprecedented strength-to-weight proportions never before witnessed in natural or manufactured materials.

Researchers develop safe and sustainable water batteries resilient to pressure

A collaborative effort led by RMIT University has yielded the creation of recyclable 'water batteries' that promise enhanced safety and environmental sustainability.

RMIT’s electromagnetic shield ready for liftoff with Swedish rocket

Researchers at RMIT University have developed an innovative electromagnetic shield set to embark on a space journey aboard a Swedish Space Corporation rocket launch next week.

RMIT scientists harness nanodiamonds to develop next-gen smart fabrics

Scientists at RMIT University are employing nanodiamonds to develop intelligent fabrics capable of accelerating the cooling process for individuals.

Graphene oxide study paves the way for strengthened 3D-printed concrete

Engineers from RMIT University and the University of Melbourne have conducted research, introducing graphene oxide into 3D-printed concrete to enhance strength and printability.

Monash hosts new ARC Hub for 2D materials manufacturing

Monash University has officially opened a new research hub that will facilitate research and commercialisation of 2D materials like graphene with a vast range of applications including in water treatment and manufacturing of batteries, coatings, paints, and sensors. 

RMIT unveils cutting-edge Trades Innovation Centre for future-ready skills

RMIT University has inaugurated the Trades Innovation Centre at its Bundoora East campus, a new facility designed to meet the surging workforce demand in Victoria.

Researchers develop wearable device that generates energy from finger movements

Researchers have introduced an experimental wearable device that harnesses power from a user's finger movements and possesses the ability to create and store memories, showing promise in the field of health monitoring and other applications.

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