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GFG Alliance to commence low-carbon steelmaking in South Australia

Ministers Chris Bowen and Ed Husic have welcomed GFG Alliance’s steelmaking company Liberty Steel’s plan to venture into low-carbon steel manufacturing in South Australia. 

Natural gas crucial in bolstering Australian manufacturing amid Safeguard Mechanism downplay – says APPEA

The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) chief executive Samantha McCulloch has underscored the role of natural gas in achieving net zero while also powering Australian manufacturing, in response to the planned tightening of the Safeguard Mechanism, which ignores the central role of natural gas in meeting Australia’s climate goals.

Climate Council report outlines green manufacturing opportunity in Queensland

A recent Climate Council report found several significant economic possibilities awaiting Queensland's industrial sector as the world moves toward a net zero emissions economy, including green manufacturing, green ammonia, and globally competitive renewable energy resources.

Australia’s green manufacturing transition needs strong policies— Climate Council

A new report from Climate Council has called on the Australian government to deliver solid policies and incentives that would boost the production of green metals in the country. 

Tyre Stewardship Australia launches new report for tyre recycling industry

Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) has commissioned a report to help tyre reprocessors, remanufacturers, and end-users better understand their carbon emissions and targets.

Climate Council recommends Australia’s delivery of green manufactured goods

In a submission to the Labour Government's consultation on its proposed Safeguard Mechanism reforms, the Climate Council has called for the halt of any new big emitting initiatives, recommending that funding must be available to future-focused industries like green manufacturing and critical minerals.

Safeguard Mechanism is key towards Australia’s net zero goals— ACCI chief

Andrew McKellar, chief executive of the ACCI, highlighted the significance of the passage of Safeguard Mechanism crediting legislation in parliament in achieving Australia’s emissions reduction goals. 

Federal government launches consultation for Safeguard Mechanism reforms

The Australian government has begun soliciting public feedback for proposed Safeguard Mechanism reforms and drafted provisions for the $1.9 billion Powering the Regions Fund. 

Farmers concerned reliance on offsets could erode integrity of Safeguard Mechanism and Australia’s net...

Farmers for Climate Action welcomes many aspects of Safeguard Mechanism changes proposed today by Climate Change Minister, Chris Bowen, but has concerns about unlimited credits and land use.

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