Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Warle Construction’s IKEA-style homes set to address supply, cost issues

Warle Construction, an Indigenous construction company based in the Northern Territory, is pioneering the development of IKEA-inspired houses aimed at tackling housing affordability and availability issues.

Northern Territory adds 64 electric vehicles to its fleet

The Northern Territory Labor Government is spearheading the shift to a renewable future with the introduction of 64 new electric vehicles (EVs) into its fleet.

NT gov’t awards tender for large-scale wind generation study

The Northern Territory (NT) Government has granted a tender for a wind generation study that will steer the implementation of wind collection technologies in the near future and gather data to reduce risk and accelerate investment.

NT’s ‘big battery’ project reaches construction milestone

The Northern Territory’s $45 million big battery project known as the Darwin Katherine Battery Energy Storage System (DK BESS) has entered the next phase of construction work, with the completion of civil and building works. 

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SAP S/4HANA’s role in sustainable manufacturing

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