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Australian-Indian space projects receive funding boost as governments bolster partnership

The Australian Government has committed funding to collaborative space ventures with India in a move aimed at strengthening bilateral ties and tackling mutual challenges such as climate change.

CSIRO’s next-gen printed solar cells take flight aboard Optimus-1 satellite

Australia's national science agency CSIRO has launched state-of-the-art printed flexible solar cell technology into space aboard the country's largest private satellite, Optimus-1, as part of Space X's Transporter-10 mission.

Advanced Navigation powers Australia’s largest private satellite

Space Machines Company, an Australian enterprise specialising in orbital logistics and services, is set to launch their first orbital service vehicle (OSV), Optimus, powered by Boreas X90, a Digital Fibre-Optic Gyroscope (DFOG) Inertial Navigation System (INS) developed by Advanced Navigation.

Australian engineers to develop robots for in-orbit space maintenance

Engineers from the University of Sydney have spearheaded a new project to develop robotic technologies for the in-orbit maintenance of vital space infrastructure.

SmartSat invests $2.3M in autonomous satellite technologies for in-orbit servicing

SmartSat, a leading player in Australia's space technology sector, announced a $2.3 million investment towards pioneering research aimed at bolstering the nation's capabilities in In-orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (ISAM).

Space Machines Company equips Optimus spacecraft with Inovor Technologies’ Star Tracker

Space Machines Company (SMC), a leading player in Australian in-space servicing, has purchased Inovor Technologies’ Star Tracker, a celestial navigation system, for integration into its Orbital Servicing Vehicle, Optimus. 

iLAuNCH to qualify in-space servicing spacecraft Optimus for flight

The iLAuNCH Trailblazer is vetting Space Machines Company’s Optimus OSV Spacecraft, the largest single Australian-made commercial space transport and servicing platform, before it heads into orbit in early 2024. 

Australian Defence Industry Space Capability Alliance launched today at the 13th Australian Space Forum

Media Release by ADISCA The Australian Defence Industry Space Capability Alliance (ADISCA) will debut at the 13th Australian Space Forum on 3 March 2022 in...

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