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Tasmanian tyre recycling gets a boost with new $1.27M grant

A new $1.27 million government grant awarded to Tyrecycle will enable Tasmania to process end-of-life tyres locally instead of sending them interstate, as announced at the Tasmanian Waste and Resource Recovery Forum last week.

Tyre Stewardship Australia unveils next-gen safety barrier solution ideal for manufacturing, recycling

Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) announced that a new application for crumb rubber is now ready to open pipelines to more end markets for Australia’s circular tyre economy, with value for a wide range of sectors including construction, tyre recycling, as well as manufacturing.

Recycling end-of-life tyres into diesel biofuel

Scrap tyre stockpiles could soon be a thing of the past thanks to Green Distillation Technologies (GDT), a tyre recycling company that developed a...

Minister Hunt launches Tyre Stewardship Australia to solve the old tyre problem

The Federal Government and the Australian tyre industry have joined forces to seek out a functional and useful solution for the 50 million tyres...

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