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University of Adelaide launches Australia’s first Centre for Sustainable and Resilient Supply Chains

The University of Adelaide has inaugurated the Centre for Sustainable Operations and Resilient Supply Chains (CSORSC).

1414 Degrees secures exclusive rights to new hydrogen production tech

1414 Degrees announced its exclusive acquisition of rights to a groundbreaking method for generating net zero hydrogen from natural gas.

Sustainable Infrastructure Systems transforms soft plastics into structural building panels

Australian composites manufacturer Sustainable Infrastructure Systems (SIS) has pioneered a world-first technology, converting post-consumer soft plastics into high-strength structural building panels.

First commercial-grade optical fibres manufactured in space

Special glass rods developed at the University of Adelaide have been transformed into over eight kilometres of optical fiber aboard the International Space Station (ISS), the university revealed in a news release.

New research gets ARC funding to explore better wine-finishing method

A University of Adelaide project investigating a more efficient method of finishing wines has received $1.14 million in funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC). 

University of Adelaide and Indian Institute of Science forge closer ties for sustainable future

The University of Adelaide and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore have joined forces to facilitate the exchange of expertise, research, and innovation in the fields of energy and sustainability.

Six defence research projects secure $900K funding in South Australia

Six projects have secured nearly $900,000 in funding through the seventh round of the Defence Innovation Partnership’s Collaborative Research Fund (CRF).

Int’l team converts polyethylene waste into valuable chemicals

An international team of experts has devised an innovative method to repurpose polyethylene waste (PE), transforming it into valuable chemicals through light-driven photocatalysis.

Researchers reveal hazardous substances in engineered stone aside from silica

Researchers from the University of Adelaide and the University of Tasmania have found other substances in engineered stone that are damaging to workers’ lungs aside from silica. 

Sparc hits new heights in photocatalytic water splitting at CSIRO Energy Centre

Sparc Technologies announced that Sparc Hydrogen, a joint venture between the University of Adelaide, Fortescue, and Sparc Technologies, has successfully concluded the initial phase of on-sun prototype testing at the CSIRO Energy Centre in Newcastle, New South Wales.

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