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Concrete innovations poised to solve national challenges – UNSW Sydney

Around 70 per cent of the world's population resides in structures made of concrete, making it the second most used material in construction after water, UNSW Sydney researchers said in a news release.

Bacteria ‘nanowires’ demonstrated as potential key for green electronics dev’t

Scientists at UNSW Sydney have engineered protein filaments capable of producing electricity from ambient moisture, opening avenues for sustainable electronics.

UNSW gets $6.3M funding boost for renewable energy and decarbonisation research

UNSW's School of Chemical Engineering has secured a $6.3 million funding boost from the Australian government to propel research initiatives in renewable energy and decarbonisation.

Researchers lead the charge with new plastic recycling technology

Researchers at UNSW Sydney have pioneered a groundbreaking low-energy technique for recycling plastic, poised to revolutionise the recycling landscape and potentially transform everyday products like Tim Tams.

UNSW engineers achieve quantum milestone with four control methods in single atom

Quantum computing engineers at UNSW Sydney have demonstrated the ability to encode quantum information in four distinct ways within a single atom, all housed within a silicon chip.

UNSW study reveals greenhouse gas emissions’ future impact on solar energy production

Researchers from UNSW have revealed that the levels of atmospheric aerosols and greenhouse gas emissions will significantly affect the production of photovoltaic (PV) energy and associated costs. 

UNSW Sydney’s innovative tech promises low-cost, low-energy ammonia production

Researchers at UNSW Sydney have pioneered eco-friendly, on-farm ammonia production, marking a transformative approach to fertiliser manufacturing with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

UNSW unveils roadmap to transform NSW into global renewable energy superpower

A UNSW Sydney-led research consortium has released a report outlining a series of steps to transform New South Wales into a global renewable energy superpower. 

2023 Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science celebrate excellence in quantum science, biotechnology

The 2023 Prime Minister's Prizes for Science are highlighting and celebrating Australian accomplishments in quantum science, biotechnology, and outstanding teaching, with the awardees being honoured and celebrated for their significant contributions.

UNSW experts predict major advances in space mining, space junk mgmt for the next...

In celebration of World Space Week, experts from the University of New South Wales have weighed in on the future of the space industry, outlining several significant trends expected to shape the next decade.

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