Toyota Australia to deliver first locally-assembled hydrogen generator to Thiess

Toyota aims to assemble 28 hydrogen fuel cell EODev GEH2® generators at its Altona production facility this year. Image supplied.

Toyota Australia announced that Thiess, one of the world’s largest mining services companies, will be the first recipient of its locally-assembled EODev GEH2 hydrogen fuel cell stationary power generator.

During a ceremony held at Toyota’s site in Altona, Victoria, Toyota Australia President and CEO Matthew Callachor unveiled this milestone, marking the completion of the first GEH2 generator assembled domestically.

The 110kVA GEH2 power generator, designed by EODev (Energy Observer Developments) in collaboration with Toyota Motor Europe, is equipped with the same Toyota Fuel Cell System utilised in the Mirai FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle), the company said in a news release.

In a strategic move announced in October 2023, Toyota Australia partnered with EODev to assemble these generators at its Altona facility, with plans to distribute them through its retail partner, Blue Diamond Machinery (BDM).

Furthermore, units will be exported to New Zealand, with Toyota New Zealand serving as the distributor.

Speaking at the ceremony, Callachor expressed pride in the completion of the first unit and welcomed Thiess as the inaugural customer.

He emphasised Toyota’s commitment to fostering a more sustainable future through various technological advancements, including hydrogen fuel cell technology.

“We are firmly committed to growing, and investing in, the hydrogen economy here in Australia and I’m particularly pleased that Thiess is set to become our first customer for this innovative hydrogen fuel cell generator,” Callachor remarked.

Thiess Group Executive – Assets, Autonomy & Digital Ramesh Liyanage outlined Thiess’s intentions to utilise the generator in its mining operations in New South Wales, with plans to incorporate additional units as part of its decarbonisation initiatives.

“We’re pleased at the prospect of being the first customer to take the locally-assembled hydrogen fuel cell generator unit and are excited to be partnering with Toyota once again, this time on cutting-edge technology that has the power to shape a more sustainable future for the world,” he said.

Toyota has invested $3.27 million in its Altona facility to assemble up to 100 GEH2 generators over the next three years, with a projected production of 28 units for 2024.

These generators are targeted primarily at customers in the mining, construction, and events sectors, providing stable and sustainable power solutions.

The GEH2 power generator, already in production at EODev’s facility in France since 2021, serves markets across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and now Australia.