Troy Animal expands welfare portfolio, to manufacture animal care products

Image Credit: Elanco Animals

Australian-owned animal healthcare company Troy Animals will soon acquire assets from the USA-based pharma Elanco Animal Health in a deal that will expand Troy’s animal welfare portfolio and introduce manufacturing of sheep-care products.

As a result of the acquisition, Troy Animal will see the manufacturing of Elanco’s sheep livestock brand  Avenge®+Fly in Australia, and the New Zealand-based Zapp®, Encore®, and Maggo® ectoparasite products.

Troy’s western Sydney factory at Glendenning will undertake the manufacture of Avenge+Fly, moving the production from New Zealand to a more domestic region.

“We are very pleased to add these important brands to our portfolio of products,” Nicolas Shortis, Troy Animal Healthcare Chief Executive Officer, commented.

Right deal, right people, right time

“…We are proud to be building our capacity to support primary producers in Australia and New Zealand by offering products to reduce the effects of parasites and ensure the health and welfare of sheep flock.” Shortis continued.

“We plan to combine our expertise and this acquisition to further innovate the rural OTC market.”

Shortis opined that Elanco is a well-respected presence in the market, given their heavy investment in research and development to build the sheep-care brand.

The acquisition came at an opportune time for the Australian sheep industry, as growers seek to recover from recent droughts and the La Niña weather cycle.

Long-term rainfall and continuing La Niña conditions drastically increases the risk of flystrike. 

Troy plans to further develop in the sheep parasiticide and the supplements-based nutrition areas.

Currently, the company owns three major brands: Vitamin ADE, a vitamin supplement that supports the health of sheep, cattle, and pigs; Doramate, an injectable parasiticide product for cattle and pigs; and Buccalgesic, a pain relief medication used for cattle and sheep during the routine husbandry procedure.