Vendor sought to develop Digital Victoria Marketplace for SMEs

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The Victorian government is seeking a vendor who will manage, enhance, and maintain a new Digital Victoria Marketplace, which will streamline tech procurement for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that intend to work with the government. 

According to the government’s request for tender, the marketplace will serve as a centralised platform for businesses to bid for information and communications technology (ICT) contracts with the Victorian government. 

Aside from supporting social procurement and Jobs First initiatives, the platform will make the supply of ICT goods and services simpler and quicker for businesses. 

Minister for Government Services Danny Pearson said the Digital Marketplace is intended to provide Victorian businesses and social enterprises a better run at government contracts. 

“We listened to businesses – this new system will be easier to navigate and deliver great results and outstanding value for Victorians.”

Through the new system, local SMEs will be more visible and will get higher priority in search listings, particularly those businesses with a social enterprise focus. 

Enterprises will also be provided with simplified contractual arrangements. 

The Digital Marketplace is part of the Victorian Digital Strategy 2021-26, which seeks to cater to the needs of individuals and businesses and build a thriving digital economy. 

Interested vendors have until 4 October to respond to the solicitation.