XTEK’s HighCom secures additional $1.6M ballistic armour order in Europe

Image credit: XTEK

XTEK Limited announced that its HighCom Armor Solutions Inc division has secured a follow-on order worth $1.6 million to provide advanced ballistic body armour to an undisclosed European customer.

Notably, the ASX-listed company said this European entity is the same client who had previously initiated a substantial $2.6 million order with HighCom, a transaction that was publicly disclosed on 17 July 2023.

The company then subsequently announced the successful completion of the order on 27 September 2023.

Scott Basham, the CEO of XTEK Group, stated that HighCom represents the expanding global armour division within XTEK Group.

“HighCom is XTEK Group’s growing global armour business, which designs, manufactures, and supplies world-leading, ultra-lightweight and high-performance specialist ballistic armour products and solutions to militaries, law enforcement, and first responder customers all around the world,” he explained.

The CEO added, “This follow on order, valued at A$1.6m, comes from the same undisclosed European customer that our HighCom team just completed supplying A$2.6m worth of advanced high-performance body armour products to, only a month ago.”

According to Basham, this rapid reception of a substantial second order following the completion of the initial delivery serves as strong confirmation of the esteemed reputation of their life-saving advanced body armour among end-users.

He also confirmed that in addition to the new European order, their US and international sales teams are actively collaborating with various global entities to fulfil numerous other pressing supply opportunities for their advanced ballistic armour products.

“Concurrent with this new European order we have announced today, I can also confirm that our US and International sales teams continue to engage closely with multiple parties around the world to fulfil a number of other very urgent supply opportunities for our high-performance advanced ballistic armour products,” Basham concluded.

XTEK Group consists of XTEK Ltd and its fully-owned subsidiary, HighCom Armor Inc, which function as separate segments: the Ballistics Division and the Technology Division.