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The rise of automation in metal AM post-processing — transforming the industry with precision...

Across the continually evolving manufacturing landscape, the integration of automation solutions continues to move quickly. For metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes the same is true. However, the post processing of metal parts, which is critical for successful outcomes, has been largely overlooked causing serious bottlenecks in the process chain — until now.

Key trends expected for the manufacturing sector in 2024

The manufacturing sector outlook for 2024 remains cautious amidst several challenges. Fiscal tightening, inflation, and geopolitical instability could undermine growth in 2024, and if favourable economic trends start to unwind, the risk of a downturn looms large.  

Manufacturing wrapped up: Trends that shaped the industry in 2023

It is undeniable that 2023 has been a transformative year for the Australian manufacturing sector as it navigates through numerous challenges throughout the year. 

Why manufacturers should prioritise transferable skills in recruitment

The Australian manufacturing sector is at a crossroads between keeping up with automation and technological evolution and the pressing issue of attracting and retaining a skilled workforce. 

Management controls highlights top trends and predictions for heavy asset industry

The heavy asset industry has proven resilient to economic, social, and environmental challenges it has faced over centuries of operation. In today’s environment of heightened technical advancement and greater-than-ever focus on employee wellbeing and productivity, Management Controls President Ken Naughton has identified several industry-leading trends that will impact decision-making through 2023 and into 2024.

From design to perfection: Streamlining additive manufacturing through advanced post-processing techniques

Additive manufacturing (AM) has witnessed an exponential surge in recent years. The process's ability to manufacture complex geometries, customised parts, and intricate designs is unparalleled.

Who’s leading in sustainable manufacturing?

Sustainability topics have continued to rise to near the top of the agenda for many manufacturing CEOs. More and more we are seeing their commitments published along with their investment in delivering environmentally sustainable business. But how well are companies doing, what else can be done, and who’s setting the example?

Beyond the factory floor: How to navigate post-pandemic B2B manufacturing landscape

The manufacturing and distribution sectors have traditionally been slow to adopt business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce, but this drastically changed in the wake of the pandemic. 

How Boral is driving sustainability in Australia’s construction & demolition landscape

With the rapid advancement of urbanisation and infrastructure development all over the world, the question of how to address the volume of waste produced by the construction industry has become a serious and pressing issue on a global scale. 

Benchmarking metal coating and metal fabrication technologies for polymer micro parts: A comparative analysis

Horizon Microtechnologies is a company expert in coating processes that add material and functionality to a microstructure, all developed to work with a range of materials and shapes.

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The Intelligent Manufacturing Forum: Automation pathways for Australian manufacturers

The Australian manufacturing sector is navigating increasingly rapid changes in industry dynamics as more technological advancements are adopted worldwide.