Analytica rolls out first PeriCoach units in preparation for high volume manufacture

Analytica Limited, an Australian developer of medical devices, has announced that it has achieved a milestone with the first production of PeriCoach from a Sydney manufacturing facility on Monday.

Image credit: Flickr user renjith krishnan
Image credit: Flickr user renjith krishnan

According to the company’s statement on ASX the units which rolled out from the assembly line in Sydney are the first in a limited production run to provide validation testing, marketing purposes and field testing among volunteer women.

The limited production is expected to last for several weeks, during which manufacturing processes and techniques will be developed to prepare for future high volume manufacturing runs.

“This is a major milestone for this product and it’s a very exciting time for Analytica,” said Operations Manager Geoff Daly.


“We’ve been working towards this day for several years and can’t wait to show off the product and put it through its paces.”

The PeriCoach system is designed to assist women in performing pelvic floor exercises with the aim of preventing or treating urinary incontinence. It is a complete package consisting of the device, subscription data and analytical tools that were systemically put together to encourage women to continue their Pelvic Floor exercise program.

Clinicians will also be able to access and monitor their patient’s progress through a mobile health feature.

Female urinary continence can affect any woman at any stage in her life, according to the Analytica website. Statistics show that one in three women suffer from incontinence, even if they are not aware of it.

This is what makes the potential market for PeriCoach enormous, as the market has not seen a device as advanced and valuable that could play a key role in treating the condition. According to the ASX statement the market for incontinence pads in the US alone is about US$5 billion per annum, but incontinence pads simply cover up the condition. PeriCoach is geared toward helping solve the problem.

Analytica will be presenting the PeriCoach system to incontinence specialist clinicians later this week at the Continence Foundation of Australia’s 22nd National Conference in Perth, and will also demonstrate the product at their annual general meeting on October 30 in Brisbane.

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