Archer Materials granted US patent for 12CQ quantum computing chip


Australia-based materials technology company Archer Materials has reached its most significant early-stage commercialisation milestone with the granting of a US patent for the 12CQ quantum computing chip.

Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said the patent grant protects the company’s 12CQ chip technology IP and allows it to explore opportunities to work with quantum computing partners in the US.

“Archer’s 12CQ quantum computing chip IP is now protected in the US,” he said.

“The 12CQ chip Archer is developing is an entirely new technology in the semiconductor industry that could potentially allow for the future operation of practical quantum computing devices.”

Archer, which recently secured South Korean patent for its 12CQ chip, considers the US as a critical strategic jurisdiction to protect and potentially commercialise its IP.

Dr Choucair said protection in the US is required for any future commercialisation operations in the country, and also provides Archer with access to the world’s largest economy to exploit IP rights related to the 12CQ chip.

“Most of the investments, R&D, innovation, and commercialisation in quantum computing takes place in, or originates from, the US. At the core of this thriving innovation ecosystem are patents and the accompanying IP rights,” he said.

“Archer is one of few companies with a patent portfolio protecting quantum computing chip technology and one with a unique global competitive advantage.

“We continue to work through the patent application processes related to the 12CQ chip in Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong.”

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