Nanosonics to establish direct sales team in North America


Nanosonics, the leading developer of innovative technology for infection control, has established a direct sales operation in North America, building on its existing sales and service infrastructure already operating in the area.

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The expanded Nanosonics North American operation will see the company increase its presence in the US and Canada and drive sales of trophon® EPR more broadly in the market alongside its distribution partner GE Healthcare.

“This integrated sales model for North America is proving increasingly successful in markets such as the UK and is expected to accelerate the broad adoption of trophon® EPR as the primary mechanism for the high level disinfection of all ultrasound transducers. In addition our ongoing clinical studies program is identifying a number of new highly relevant and clinically significant unique benefits of trophon® EPR, the results of which are expected to be presented in this half,” said Michael Kavanagh, Nanosonics Chief Executive Officer and President.

Nanosonics’ current infrastructure in North America supports six experienced infection prevention sales professionals that have been supporting the GE Healthcare ultrasound sales force. These six experienced professionals will now commence direct sales exclusively for Nanosonics with up to 15 additional infection prevention sales specialists planned to join this team over the next three months.

The expanded team will cover territories across the USA and Canada, with GE Healthcare to continue as a key non-exclusive distributor of trophon® EPR and its consumables in the USA and Canada through its separate sales, marketing and service teams.

“The opportunity to establish trophon® EPR as the new standard of care across the North American market continues to grow as the market fundamentals for adoption strengthen. The market potential is large and with an installed base already in excess of 4,000 units in North America, awareness of trophon® EPR and its benefits is growing strongly,” Mr Kavanagh said.

“The ability to directly drive sales across the total market, including the non-hospital market, provides a compelling business rationale for commencing our own direct operations. This new sales model allows Nanosonics to leverage its expertise in infection control whilst GE Healthcare continues to leverage its leadership position and strength in the ultrasound market.”

According to the ASX announcement by Nanosonics, the new direct sales operation will be established over the next three months and is expected to be fully functional by the end of FY15. The company said that through this period of transition with GE Healthcare as a non-exclusive partner, purchases by GE Healthcare from Nanosonics are unlikely to be significant. However, Nanosonics expects revenues from direct sales to grow steadily as the full Nanosonics sales team comes into effect establishing significant momentum going into FY16.

“There is a real need for improved infection control solutions in the ultrasound field and GE Healthcare recognises the importance of providing customers with improved solutions to address the risk of imaging related infections. The trophon® EPR delivers excellent benefits for our customers and GE Healthcare will continue selling trophon and associated consumables in the USA and Canada through our dedicated trophon sales team as well as our large ultrasound sales force,” said Anders Wold, President & CEO of GE Healthcare, Ultrasound.