How Australian manufacturing firms can overcome the challenges of cloud migration

The benefits offered by the adoption of cloud computing are now well understood in the manufacturing sector, however many firms are still struggling to put a clear migration strategy in place.

Surprising business travel sectors becoming more popular during lockdowns

Article by Tom Walley, General Manager, Corporate Traveller Australia In a promising revelation for the business travel industry, the head of a leading travel management...

Powering a stronger post-COVID economy: why it’s time for Aussie manufacturers to recognise their...

Now boosting Australia’s production capacity is high on the political agenda, acknowledging and rewarding the individuals who keep the lines moving should be a

Ways that manufacturers can monetise data

The rise of digitalisation and automation in manufacturing is resulting in the generation of a colossal volume of data. Previously, businesses would gather data (often manually) across the

Manufacturing-from-home the only option for some small businesses in COVID-era

Article by Edwina Cameron, Owner of I Heart Wall Art The number of people working from home has increased world-wide since the COVID-19 pandemic took...

Five features of modern manufacturing supply chains

Article by Daniel Kohut, Vice President ANZ, Blue Yonder Supply chains of all kinds were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Australia's shortage of toilet paper...

Worker Experiences Drive Successful Digital Transformations

Article by Stephen Moore, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Japan at Ceridian This past year highlighted the importance of every organisation’s ability to be agile and...

Unlocking the power of Industry 4.0 with 5G

As coronavirus introduces new factors into the business equation and accelerates others, manufacturing needs to look to 5G to support its journey to Industry 4.0.

COVID-19. Why intelligent & healthy quarantine infrastructure is now critical for Australia’s future

On the scale of things, ‘team Australia’ have done a remarkable job in managing COVID – both in terms of health and economic outcomes compared to other countries.

Why Australia is prioritising areas of strategic importance for the future of our manufacturing...

Article by Rob Stummer, Asia Pacific CEO at SYSPRO The Australian Government is unlocking the potential for the manufacturing sector to deliver for the future...

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