3D Systems teams up with biopharma innovator to advance targeted regenerative medicine

Image credit: Theradaptive

3D Systems and Theradaptive, a biopharmaceutical business specialising in targeted regenerative therapeutics, have signed a commercial deal in which 3D Systems will be the latter’s sole 3D printing partner. 

The companies seek to develop a revolutionary technique to enhance bone and tissue growth by coating 3D Systems’ 3D-printed medical devices with Theradaptive’s protein-based material-binding variations.

The firms also stated in a news release that the solution could give patients a chance for faster healing and better results.

Theradaptive’s protein-engineering technology was developed by Luis M. Alvarez, PhD after he witnessed extremity injuries that resulted in delayed amputations among service members. 

His subsequent research into bone and tissue regeneration at MIT focused on addressing the limitations associated with existing regenerative medicine approaches, such as achieving anatomically precise outcomes and ultra-persistent local delivery of therapeutics. 

The first applications of this technology have already earned three Breakthrough Medical Device designations from the FDA to address degenerative disc disease and spinal fusion.

Luis Alvarez, CEO and founder of Theradaptive stated that the collaboration lays the groundwork for a slew of innovative products that have the potential to greatly improve patient care.

“This agreement enables an exciting technological convergence of 3D Systems’ cutting-edge advances in orthopedic and soft tissue additive manufacturing and Theradaptive’s material-binding regenerative therapeutics,” noted Alvarez. 

He added, “Uniting these two world-class technologies promises to provide safer and more effective treatment options for patients who currently have few options.”

Andrew Johnson, EVP, chief corporate development officer, and chief legal counsel at 3D Systems, said the combination of both firms’ expertise and experience, as well as their unwavering commitment to providing a better patient experience, provides a solid foundation for this partnership.

“We believe that enhancing 3D Systems’ unparalleled capabilities in medical device design and production with the benefits of Theradaptive’s protein-engineering platform has the potential to make a significant impact on the field of regenerative medicine, and patients’ lives,” Johnson remarked. 

3D Systems, in addition to being named Theradaptive’s sole 3D printing partner, invested $8 million in the company.