4DMedical partners with Jones Radiology to expand XV technology

Image credit: 4DMedical

4DMedical announced a new commercial contract with Jones Radiology, a provider of diagnostic imaging services across South Australia.

Jones Radiology operates 29 clinics throughout Adelaide, regional South Australia, and Alice Springs, offering a wide range of diagnostic and interventional radiology services.

The partnership with 4DMedical expands their service offerings to include XV Technology?enabled ventilation reports, aimed at delivering enhanced diagnostic insights to patients and their referring physician, the firm said in a media release.

Sarah Woon, chief operating officer at Jones Radiology, highlighted the potential impact of this collaboration.

“The patients who will benefit from this technology have usually found accurate diagnosis elusive and will now benefit from 4DMedical’s rich and detailed scan outputs leading to greatly improved outcomes.”

She added, “We are excited to partner with 4DMedical to provide our referrers and patients a clearer picture using their CT LVAS technology.”

The contract follows a successful pilot of 4DMedical’s CT LVAS at three clinics in Adelaide, where both specialists and GPs referred patients for advanced respiratory imaging.

According to 4DMedical, this expanded agreement not only includes the use of CT LVAS but also offers access to 4DMedical’s XV LVAS through fluoroscopy, catering to diverse clinical requirements.

Andreas Fouras, MD/CEO and Founder of 4DMedical, emphasised the strategic significance of the collaboration with Jones Radiology: “We are delighted to be working with Jones Radiology. The agreement announced today means that more patients and clinicians, particularly in South Australia, will have access to the insights that only XV Technology® can provide.”

Fouras noted the significant interest generated by the pilot program, which led to increased adoption of their products by doctors in clinical practice.

He emphasised that this collaboration reflects a shared commitment between Jones Radiology and 4DMedical to enhance patient outcomes.

“I am excited that our network now includes Jones Radiology as we continue to expand the availability of advanced respiratory imaging across Australia,” the CEO concluded.