Abbott to consider funding framework that supports Tasmanian manufacturing


Prime Minister Tony Abbott has agreed to consider the proposal for a Manufacturing Futures Framework in partnership with the Tasmanian Government.

Image: Free Digital Photos user bugphai
Image: Free Digital Photos user bugphai

The Framework would support key industries and major employers particularly in Tasmania’s North and North West.

In a statement, Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings acknowledged the challenging factors that the manufacturing sector has been dealing with.

“We know that the manufacturing industry is under incredible pressure due to factors like the high Australia Dollar and overseas competition,” Ms Giddings said.

“By improving skills and efficiencies we can make our manufacturers more resilient and help to protect jobs.”

“I welcome the fact that Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has agreed to look seriously at this proposal and work with us constructively to address these challenges.”

According to the media release the proposal has been jointly developed by the State Government and the co-chair of the Commonwealth’s Tasmanian Economic Council Dale Elphinstone.