Access to rooftop solar increases after the completion of Exmouth BESS

Image credit: Horizon Power

Residents and business owners will soon have access to more rooftop solar following the Exmouth Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) completion.

The Exmouth BESS will store excess solar energy and free up over 2,000 kW of solar hosting capacity, which will be accessible to clients in May 2023.

According to the Western Australian (WA) Government, the energy transition is critical for the town of Exmouth, located at a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Exmouth BESS is in favour of increasing rooftop solar for a cleaner, greener future.

Energy Minister Bill Johnston stated that with the introduction of innovative initiatives like BESS, the McGowan Government is dedicated to working towards a cleaner and greener energy future for regional and remote Western Australians.

“We are proud to be investing in battery storage solutions to help reduce the barriers of installing solar so more customers across our regions in towns, including Exmouth, can enjoy the benefits of rooftop solar,” Minister Johnston said.

In addition to delivering benefits to homeowners and business owners, Minister Johnston added that the initiative contributes to revitalising local communities by giving opportunities for local installers.

Horizon Power installed the Exmouth BESS as part of its Energy Storage in Regional Towns program, which the State Government funded.

Exmouth is one of nine communities in regional WA to receive a battery storage system, allowing more residents and business owners to install, connect, and profit from rooftop solar and lower energy bills.

Wiluna, Yalgoo, Carnarvon, and Marble Bar have already received storage systems. Broome will be the next town to get a BESS, with commissioning set to begin in the coming months.

The nine systems will connect over 1000 homes and 500 businesses to a conventional rooftop solar system. The State Government said this could save households $1,275 in annual energy costs.

“I am thrilled that more households and businesses in Exmouth will be able to install rooftop solar because of the new Battery Energy Storage System,” Mining and Pastoral Region MLC Peter Foster stated.

Besides lowering the town’s carbon impact, Foster added that the BESS would also help homeowners and businesses save money on their energy costs.

The Energy Storage in Regional Towns initiative will add over 10 megawatts of rooftop solar to regional towns, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 13,000 tonnes per year.