Additive manufacturing discussion set for Plastics Live event

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Plastics Live, the premier plastics event in the United Kingdom for 2024, has unveiled a roundtable discussion featuring prominent figures from the UK additive manufacturing (AM) sector.

According to organisers, the event recognises the expanding scope of plastic manufacturing, which now includes various technologies and issues like additive manufacturing (AM), smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and environmental sustainability.

Scott Colman, the show’s organiser, expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming AM roundtable: “As one of the many on-site learning opportunities at this year’s Plastics Live, we are today excited to announce our AM roundtable discussion running on day 1.”

“The focus of the session will be around when it is the right time to shift from conventional plastic manufacturing to AM, and when to subcontract AM work, or buy in-house machines,” he stressed.

The panel will be chaired by renowned AM expert Andrew Allshorn, founder of 3D-Squared, alongside industry leaders such as Nick Allen (CEO, 3DPRINTUK), Neil Sewell (CEO, Solid Print3D), Rich Proctor (MD, AME-Group), and Jo Young (Managing Director, Additive-X).

By integrating AM within Plastics Live, the organisers said they are embracing the industry’s shift towards comprehensive and forward-looking manufacturing strategies.

John Jones, Plastics Live sales manager, emphasised the significance of the AM roundtable saying, “We are really excited to have the AM roundtable at Plastics Live 2024. Anyone associated with the AM sector will realise just how strong the panel is. At plastics related events today, manufacturers seek comprehensive solutions that encompass the full spectrum of their operational needs, from design and prototyping to production and supply chain management.”

By showcasing AM alongside traditional plastics manufacturing processes, Jones said that Plastics Live facilitates a deeper understanding of how these technologies can synergize to enhance existing capabilities.

“This integrated approach enables show attendees to make informed decisions and investments that align with their overarching business objectives, ultimately driving greater efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainable growth,” he concluded.

Registration for Plastics Live 2024 is now open, offering free access to the AM roundtable and all other learning opportunities at the event.