Advanced manufacturers to share latest tech at upcoming Qld event

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The fourth annual Inside Advanced Manufacturing showcase, taking place from 4 to 15 September 2023, will bring together Queensland’s leading advanced manufacturers to discuss the strategies and technology that have changed their businesses to be internationally competitive. 

Inside Advanced Manufacturing, a statewide event, saw a record number of exhibitors participating this year with 21 advanced manufacturers and 10 manufacturing support organisations, the government revealed in a media statement. 

In particular, manufacturers will take guests on a behind-the-scenes, expert-guided tour of their facility to highlight the innovations, technologies, processes, and practices that have transformed their company.

Cirrus Ag, a high-quality contract granule maker assisting the agriculture business, is one of the state’s key participants. Cirrus Ag will welcome delegates to its new cutting-edge facility, the only one of its type in Australia.

Advanced Robotic Technology (ART), a manufacturer of a wide range of CNC cutting machines, will demonstrate their in-house created devices, which enable firms to significantly enhance production.

Glenn Butcher, Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing, stated that Inside Advanced Manufacturing will showcase the finest of the industry across Queensland as it strives to become Australia’s top manufacturing state. 

He underscored that 21 of the best Queensland manufacturers will open their doors to other manufacturers to demonstrate their cutting-edge technology and explain how they embraced and modified new procedures and practices. 

“This insight is invaluable for those manufacturers who are commencing their technological transformation and this initiative demonstrates the commitment the Palaszczuk Government has to our manufacturers having the resources they need to grow locally and extend their reach globally,” the minister noted. 

Cirrus Ag Director Paul Hubbard claimed that through investing in technology, the business has advanced to the top of the industry’s worldwide production standards, adding that in the event, Cirrus will be sharing how embracing these advanced manufacturing tactics has transformed the business.

“We will be showcasing the significant changes in machinery, manufacturing processes, and data analytics which enables us to operate at an advanced level,” Hubbard stated. 

According to David White, director of advanced robotic technologies, gathering manufacturers from all around the state to discuss how the industry is evolving via the use of sophisticated automation, robotics, and training would benefit the sector in the long run.

“It is vital that Queensland manufacturers support each other to ensure that our state leads the way in industry,” White said. 

He added, “We are looking forward to sharing the technology we are developing which is already helping Queensland manufacturers remain on a growth trajectory.”

The government stated that more than $20 billion is added to Queensland’s economy each year by the manufacturing industry, which also employs almost 180,000 people.

The 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan for Advanced Manufacturing, as well as initiatives like Made in Queensland, Industry 4.0 programs, Decarbonisation Action Planning workshops, and Women in Manufacturing events and workshops, are helping to develop the manufacturing sector in the state.