AEMO report: Natural gas to play key role in stabilising future power grid

APPEA, Image Credit:

The Australian Energy Market Operator has confirmed the value of natural gas partnering with renewables in its recently published 2022 Integrated Systems Plan. 

In a press release, the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) said the 30-year road map published by the national energy market regulator confirmed the role of natural gas as a stabiliser for the electricity grid in a cleaner energy future. 

Damian Dwyer, acting CEO of APPEA, said the plan highlighted the key role of gas as the world decarbonises. According to the report, the mid-2040s will be a time when gas would back up electricity largely powered by renewable generation after the world’s transition from coal-fired power. 

“As a sector strongly committed to economy-wide net-zero by 2050, the oil and gas industry recognises the growth of renewables and the importance of multiple energy sources working together to ensure the power generation sector can continue to decarbonise,” Dwyer said. 

APPEA’s acting head added that the need for rapid gas during recent energy system pressures confirmed the importance of gas to electricity. 

“Elsewhere outside the electricity market, gas will also play a critical role in the future supporting manufacturing businesses, making everyday products and as a feedstock to hydrogen.”