AFI Branding receives Australian Made certification

AFI Illuminated ReFrame. Image courtesy of AFI Branding

Australia’s largest fabric signage manufacturer AFI Branding has received the Australian Made certification for its range of ReFrame® products.

The Victorian-based company, which is currently still manufacturing and printing under stage 4 lockdown, launched the ReFrame system to the Australian market in 2008. The aluminium extrusion system combined with silicone edged fabric created new and affordable signage and display opportunities to the retail, exhibition and event industries. Despite its launching during the GFC, the versatility and affordability of the system was extremely well received in the market.

AFI Managing Director Glenn Watson said: “We’ve always been a proudly Australian owned company that prints and manufactures within our shores. It’s something that both our team and our clients value.”

“2020 seemed the perfect time to officiate our Australian manufacturing status and to celebrate it. As Australia navigates the rest of this year and beyond, I believe it’s going to be imperative to our recovery that we’re all supporting Australian businesses across every facet of our business and personal lives.”

The ReFrame product is used in signage products including single-sided panels, illuminated panels, dynamic lightboxes and more recently in hand sanitising stations. All products are manufactured at the company’s dedicated facility in Carrums Down, Victoria.

“Fairly early on in the pandemic, we saw how we could utilise ReFrame to make products that the market was asking for – hand sanitising units. Due to the versatility of the system and it being readily available in our facility, we were able to take our product to market very quickly.”

“We’ve been able to support a number of major retailers in getting hand sanitising units into their stores nationally, and more importantly without supply chain delays. ReFrame is a product that we’re incredibly proud of and it continues to serve us well. And now it’s officially Australian Made which I believe will only become more important in this new landscape.”

Recently AFI Branding also reported that it has ramped up its manufacturing of its fabric face masks as the demand surged in Victoria.

ReFrame Image courtesy of AFI Branding