AlphaFit Launches the Core Belt Squat – Innovative Product for Lower Body Training

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Product Release by AlphaFit

Fitness equipment manufacturer AlphaFit launches the new Core Belt Squat – an innovative product for lower body training. The first of its kind to market, this plate loaded cable belt squat machine enables gym users to train several lower body or athletic leg movements without placing unnecessary stress on their shoulders, spine or lower back.

Designed and engineered in Australia with peak performance and aesthetics in mind, this product is guaranteed to be the centrepiece of any commercial gym, specialty strength or rehab facility. The Core Belt Squat is a massive drawcard for weightlifters, powerlifters and athletes nursing back pain or shoulder injuries. It aids in increasing muscular hypertrophy in the legs without placing heavy pressure on the back and spine. Athletes with restrictions from axial loading spinal compression or rehabbing from shoulder, elbow or wrist discomfort can safely load the glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles to continue building strength despite their upper body limitations.

Sure to become an indispensable piece of equipment in any commercial gym, AlphaFit’s Core Belt Squat has been designed in collaboration with athletes and high-performance coaches to ensure it accommodates different types of users and their individual training needs. This compact unit features a 1.2m x 1.2m training platform, 15kg trolley with an incorporated safety catch, dual linear shaft cable system, multi-grip handles, 250kg pin load capacity, 14 drop stop adjustments, and HDPE lined band hooks for resistance training.

The generously sized training platform features a replaceable anti-slip rubber surface for maximum stability. Its dimensions allow athletes to comfortably complete squats, lunges, marches and deadlifts uninhibited. While developed predominantly for lower body training, one of the advantages of the AlphaFit Belt Squat is its high degree of versatility—it allows users to perform a solid variety of different movements with extra equipment. Athletes can connect grips and attachments via the carabiner to perform supplementary upper body cable movements within the 1.2m cable pull length.

Like no other on the market, the Core Belt Squat features an unmatched level of safety features for peace of mind when squatting. The adjustable drop stop ensures each user will find a safe and comfortable base position for their lowest range of movement. Another important design feature is the trolley’s safety catch. It offers users the ability to lock the loaded or unloaded trolley quickly and easily in 20 different height positions by pulling on the safety handle. This feature is especially important for users under fatigue mid set or who have overestimated their lifting capacity.

The Core Belt Squat is designed and manufactured with the highest degree of quality from AlphaFit’s Gold Coast facility. All their Australian made gym equipment is available in a variety of colours at no additional cost. Local manufacturing allows AlphaFit to have complete control over the quality, turn-around and customisation of such products, enabling them to service customers
like no other supplier.

A belt squat machine could be one of the best investments a gym owner can make. By taking the upper body out of the equation, the Core Belt Squat provides athletes of all kinds the option to perform squats with optimum posture, balance and stability in total safety. This product is the first in the new range of plate loaded machines AlphaFit plans to release in the coming months.