Altech Batteries, CICERO team up on sustainable energy storage

Altech Chemicals' ABS60 CERENERGY® Battery Packs. Image credit: Altech Chemicals

Altech Batteries has collaborated with the Centre of International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO) to demonstrate the environmental credentials of its CERENERGY battery project.

The ASX-listed company has enlisted the services of CICERO to conduct an external assessment of its environmental credentials, as revealed in an ASX announcement.

CICERO is renowned for its expertise in providing independent evaluations for green credentials, particularly within the green bond market. 

Previously, the company sought CICERO’s accreditation for its Silumina Anodes project, which received a “Light Green” rating.

Managing director Iggy Tan said, “There is clearly an environmental advantage of the CERENERGY battery and proposed factory.

He added, “Considering the GHG footprint evaluation conducted by independent groups, we anticipated from the outset that our batteries would be classified as ‘green batteries’. 

Tan also noted that the company is currently in the official accreditation process.

The move underscores the company’s emphasis on ecologically friendly energy storage options and its goal to lead the field in green battery technology.

To date, Altech is concentrating its efforts on the grid storage battery market, with its innovative Sodium-Chloride Solid State CERENERGY batteries.

Altech Batteries now hopes that by offering significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, the use of renewable energy, and an integrated recycling facility, it will demonstrate its commitment to transparency and sustainability, as well as appeal to socially and environmentally conscious investors.

A recent study conducted by the Sustainable Technologies Laboratory at Bochum University of Applied Sciences recently analysed the environmental impact of different battery types.

The findings showed that CERENERGY batteries, which use nickel and sodium chloride, have a greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint that is at least 50 per cent lower than that of lithium-ion batteries since they do not contain any of the key metals linked to high GHG emissions.

Altech’s commitment to sustainability extends to its planned CERENERGY battery project in Saxony, which will use renewable energy and feature on-site power generating through photovoltaic panels as well as energy storage capabilities.

The plant was designed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by utilising renewable energy for activities such as sintering ceramic tubes and avoiding the usage of natural gas entirely.

In addition, Altech has adopted a proactive approach to recycling by incorporating a recycling facility within the factory. 

This distinguishes the company from many lithium-ion battery manufacturers who rely on third-party recycling organisations.

The ASX-listed company said the recycling device will remove and recycle various battery components effectively, assuring correct disposal and reducing waste and environmental impact.