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Altech Batteries unveils share purchase plan to fuel CERENERGY project

Altech Batteries has unveiled an opportunity for eligible shareholders to engage in an equity raising initiative through a Share Purchase Plan (SPP), aiming to generate up to $5 million.

Altech’s CERENERGY battery achieves significant increase in annual production capacity

Altech Batteries announced a significant milestone in the development of its CERENERGY project, as the company successfully increased the project's annual production capacity from 100 MWh to 120 MWh.

Altech finalises design optimisation of CERENERGY battery

Altech Batteries announced that it has finalised the design of its 60KWh battery pack after extensive collaborations with component suppliers.

Altech Batteries, CICERO team up on sustainable energy storage

Altech Batteries has collaborated with the Centre of International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO) to demonstrate the environmental credentials of its CERENERGY battery project.

Altech Batteries unveils new specifications for Cerenergy battery products

ASX company Altech Batteries Limited has revealed the preliminary battery specifications for its CERENERGY 60 KWh and 1 MWh GridPack battery products. 

Altech begins production of two 60KWh battery pack prototypes

Altech Batteries (ATC) has begun production and fabrication of two 60 kilowatt hour (KWh) battery pack prototypes at the Fraunhofer IKTS facility in Hermsdorf, Germany.

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