Altech Chemicals shares progress to CERENERGY battery project


Battery technology company Altech Chemicals has reached a number of significant milestones in the commercialisation of its CERENERGY 100 MWh Sodium Alumina Solid State Battery for grid energy storage in Saxony, Germany, said Managing Director Iggy Tan.

Speaking during an interview with The Market Herald Boardroom News, Tan shared that Altech already hosted two expert workshops with the aim to bring forward detailed design requirements for a production plant.

Important equipment suppliers have been appointed and are collaborating closely with the different project teams.

Altech also hired Arikon Infrastruktur to oversee the CERENERGY SAS battery facility’s approval procedure, site infrastructure requirements, and the balance of the plant.

The Altech official highlighted that the company is in talks with prospective offtake parties, such as a major German energy producer and that they are currently looking to talk to European banks at an early stage for potential project funding.

Iggy Tan also explained the benefits of the CERENERGY battery pack compared to lithium-ion batteries saying that in terms of costs, the battery is expected to be about 40 to 50 per cent cheaper. 

“Our batteries actually operate right down to minus (-) 40 deg C and right up to plus (+) 60 deg C so it has a very wide temperature range,” he added. 

Designed to cater to the renewable energy and grid storage market, the battery was developed as part of its joint venture with German battery institute Fraunhofer in September.